The Next Stage in Agriculture Irrigation

We are a German-based company and offer a solution for farmers dealing with salinized groundwater problems or who wish to use sea water to provide freshwater to their fields.

Our product enables farmers who are affected by droughts and other climate change impacts to maintain production at full level. It can be used for most types of cash crops and sylviculture.

The technology we use converts seawater or salinized groundwater into foggy drizzle-freshwater that is spread over a large area and thereby directly supplies plants with a constant flow of cool moisture. The installation can be turned on and off as needed to meet the water needs of various crops.

The cooling effect will lead to less water loss due to evaporation and reduce stress for the plants. Over a period of time our product will restock groundwater levels and thereby prevent further seawater intrusion into coastal freshwater aquifers.

Our product is a highly cost-efficient alternative to desalination plants and enables farmers to become independent of outside freshwater supplies.


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To find out how our technology can enable you to enter the next stage in argicultural irrigation contacts us for an individual assessment of your needs.

Please note that we are not actively collecting any data about you. If you contact us via mail this will happen in accordance to the European Data Protection Decree (DSGVO). German version: Datenschutzrichtlinien.


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